Is it me?

Most of the time, I don’t think that I’m the one whose social skills need fixing.  I know enough to know that friendships have a give and take, that it’s not all about one person.  I know that conversation itself is an art form, one that some excel at more than others.  So why is it that many of my conversations with others seem to involve listening to them talk, and not seeing them attempt to give back?  I think that sometimes, people just want to talk at me, and not with me.  Show an interest in me people; don’t just tell me your life story, your whole familial and medical background, without bothering to ask anything about me in return!


One thought on “Is it me?

  1. The inability to listen seems to be an epidemic. It isn’t a matter of not understanding, rather a matter of refusing to acknowledge that there’s a person at the other end of the conversation. I think part of it comes from people wanting to be heard but feeling ignored by the people they depend on. So, in return they force someone else to hear them. Sharing our time and attention is compassionate. However, we have to appreciate compassion and offer it to others before we can expect to receive it.


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